Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Review

True Grit. Oh, how I wasn't going to watch you. I was determined to skip you because of the John Wayne version I was forced to watch over and over growing up. I like 2 John Wayne movies, maybe 3 and none are westerns. Still, he's a great actor and no one can compare to him.

That version was alright. It wasn't awful, it wasn't I want to scratch my eyes out like watching even a moment of The Searchers forces me to do. But it wasn't enjoyable.

For reasons I refuse to contemplate and hope I never wonder about again, the Coen Brother's version kicked ass. The girl wasn't as annoying as I recall the other girl being, and while Jeff Bridges isn't John Wayne, and not my favorite actor by a long shot, he embodied Rooster Cogburn.

Would I watch this again? Probably not, I don't write western romances though used to devour them in high school. But if you want the gritty atmosphere of the wild west, authentic dialogue, and true-to-life characters, then here you are. But no...I doubt I'll be reading the book. I watched 2 versions of the movie, what's the point? ;)

Tomorrow's guest: Jean Hart Stewart...stop on by!

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