Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Favorite different settings

Assuming England and America are typical settings, what are some of your favorite atypical settings?

*Canada during the American Civil War? (The Colonial and the Cottontail)
*India during the Regency era? (I swear I read a Jane Feather book set there, and within the last 5 years, but can't remember the name or find the title!)
*America during the War of 1812 (Bright Captivity by Eugenia Price)
*Russia (Kiss of Scandal to toot my own horn)
*The Balkans (haven't been able to find one or read one, not romance at least, but would be willing to! However, Spies of the Balkans by Alan Furst was excellent.)
*Spain (Have not read one that takes place in Spain but a quick B&N search tells me there are lots of them.)

Where else would you like to see a story set, and in which time period?

This week's Friday guest is Robyn Bachar. She'll talk about the thrill of publication & the stress of marketing. Blood, Smoke and Mirrors available from Amazon, B&N, and Samhain Publishing.

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