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Thursday, April 24, 2014

#Guest Something to Lose by @TamraLassiter

Tamra Lassiter lives in Northern Virginia with her supportive husband, two lovely daughters, elegant Great Dane and not-so-elegant, but very sweet, English Bulldog. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and of course, writing.

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1. What is the sweetest thing someone has done for you?
It’s hard to choose just one thing. Most recently, my mother-in-law flew into town from her vacation so that she could attend my first book launch party.

2. What kind of music you like?
80’s alternative. My favorites are The Smiths and The Cure.

3. Do you like to dance?
Not really, but it is fun sometimes. Guess I just have to be in the mood.

4. Can you describe your dream home?
I would love a secluded cabin on a lake. There would be lots of windows with pretty views and a huge deck or patio.

5. If you could be any character, from any literary work, who would you choose to be? Why?
Nancy Drew would be fun. She’s young and has a cute boyfriend. She travels to many cool locations and she’s smart enough to solve every mystery that comes her way. The only bad side is that she changes clothes three or four times everyday. Not for me.

Everyone has something to lose.

Camden Piotrowski is justifiably upset to find her boyfriend in the arms of another woman. But it’s not the end of her world and definitely not something that a bubble bath, good wine, and cookie dough won’t help. Her pity party is interrupted when handsome Seth Vendetti bursts into her bathroom. She soon discovers that her world and those in it are not as they seem. Can she trust Seth’s version of the truth and make him realize that even he has something to lose?

I finish and place my plate and fork on the coffee table and turn to face Joey. He’s totally into me, or seems to be, but is it enough for him to want to go for the full gusto? He leans towards me and lightly kisses me just below my right ear. The motion does absolutely nothing for me other than make me feel a little nauseous. It’s not like when Seth’s lips touch me. Thoughts of Seth make my cheeks flush. Joey must take that as a good sign because he goes for my lips next. I fight the urge to flee and try to fake enjoyment. Does it work? Can he tell?

Joey’s hands move around my neck. He pulls me closer. I pull away and look to him shyly.

“You feel it, don’t you?” he asks, a creepy smile on his face.

I smile, as if I’m embarrassed. I know my cheeks are still flushed, mostly with worry for what I’m about to do. I nod my head towards Comb-Over and Crooked Nose, who have just taken seats at the table. “Can they go somewhere?” I ask as innocently as possible. I even bat my eyelashes a couple times just for effect. Joey smiles again, this time triumphant, a knowing smile and then snaps his fingers. The men exit my apartment without saying a word.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

#BookBlast Unseasonal War by David Englund

David Englund is a storyteller (science fiction author) and teaches economics at North Dakota State University.  His first two titles, Upsetting the Tides and UNSEASONAL WAR are available on Amazon.  Camouflaged Encounters is due out in late 2014 and the fourth and fifth books are in progress. Facebook, Blog, Amazon.

David will be awarding a digital copy of Unseasonal War to a randomly drawn commenter at every stop during the tour. Here's a list of all the stops, be sure to enter at every one!

Clark Jackson’s travels, for the first time, put him in touch with an intriguing species remarkably human-like. He becomes instantly fascinated with the Fronents and envious of their advanced technology. Striving to befriend them and learn more, his uncontrolled enthusiasm forsakes the use of appropriate caution and suspicion. Could their cold reception be a byproduct of their war with a vile species in this corner of the universe, or something else?

The magnificent splendor of an unexplored galaxy, new species to encounter and the adrenalin rush of space battle feed Clark’s awestruck hunger for exploration and adventure. Unfortunately, the more he learns the more he questions; including the wisdom of his entangled involvement in their war.

Meanwhile, back home in Des Moines, Iowa, Clark attempts to maintain an inconspicuous lifestyle to avoid attracting the attention of a certain relentless federal agency. His girlfriend’s own secret, however, could unravel it all.

**Even though the book is the second book in the series, it IS standalone

Mouth chomping, the alien swayed his head back and forth, then back and back again.  His eyes darted from left to right, unblinking.  He took a step in Clark’s direction, stopped and sniffed anew.

 Maybe invisibility isn’t . . . good enough.  What to do?  No shape to fight.

Clark inched his way along the wall from his seated position.  Slowly, quietly, he distanced himself from the curious pursuer.  The sound of marching echoed in the hallway.  He wanted to avoid the hard gaze of the vile creature, but Clark’s head would not move.

No, no, no.  Stay away.  Nothing here.

The tenacious searcher took two steps forward.  Fingers flexed open and closed and opened and closed.  Nostrils flared.  Eyes continued searching while chomping persisted.

Clark inched along faster, less concerned with noise than distance.  His pulse quickened and despite his best efforts, sweat began to gather on his forehead.  His stomach lurched.  Breaths came in shorter, quicker gasps.  The sound of stomping feet eased slightly as did the smell of reptiles and leather.

One final sniff caused the soldier’s eyes to narrow, more determined to locate the foul smell.  He looked over his shoulder to see his comrades moving on without him.  A moment of indecision, and then renewed focus brought the hunter a step closer to Clark.

Small drops of sweat fell to the floor.  No longer attached to his body, a thin trail became visible as he continued backward.  Clark looked at the floor.


The creature followed Clark’s path.  He stepped onto the drops of sweat as he made his way toward the rear door.

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