Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Excerpt

Mary Ann Weber's Civil War story, No Decorum, is this week's Saturday Excerpt over at Slip into Something Victorian.

In spite of her overwhelming passion for Randolph, Juliet can’t forget her aversion to marrying the son of another minister. This soon fades when compared with the threat of losing the love of her life. Within days, and with her father’s help, they secretly wed at the courthouse and embark on a feverish honeymoon in the parsonage and the church. Their time together is measured in hours and minutes.

While the bloody Red River Campaign rages through Arkansas and Louisiana, the Confederate and Union forces jockey in and out of position in Camden. Before the Union army can make its escape back to Little Rock, Randolph is taken prisoner by the Rebel army and marched to a notorious Confederate prison in Texas.

Separately, they endure the horrors of war. Strangers when they marry, the young couple matures apart. Will their short-lived marriage survive changes brought to them and their world by war?

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