Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Different is good

All this week I'm blogging about writing differently. By that I don't mean your writing is different but that your setting, locale, and/or characters are different.

Just recently I had a conversation about The Inn of the Sixth Happiness and Curt Jurgens. (OK, I admit I mixed him up with Yul Brenner who is way sexier.) Jurgens plays a half-Chinese half-Dutch Chinese officer with whom Ingrid Bergman, as tenacious Gladys Aylward, falls in love. Hollywood historical inaccuracies aside, let's look at the different-ness of it all.

*Half-Chinese is a lot different than the normal half-American Indian normally portrayed in romances. Is it too much? Or have we, as a romance-reading people, come to accept that? We accept interracial couples, so why not this?

*China before and during the Japanese invasion of the Second Sino-Japanese War. War is always a great setting, let's face it. Not so different except for (again) the locale. How many of you know about the Second Sino-Japanese War? Or the first for that matter?

*Missionary? Other than it isn't what I write, or what I'd ever write, but putting that aside, all I see that type of book being is inspirational. Not bad if you're into that but not my cup of tea.

Whatt does all this mean? Not 100% sure, but it's all to the good. Different is better. Or at least different.

This week's Friday guest is Robyn Bachar. She'll talk about the thrill of publication & the stress of marketing. Blood, Smoke and Mirrors available from Amazon, B&N, and Samhain Publishing.

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