Monday, June 30, 2008

July update

It's been a while. Blogging takes commitment and for this past month I've had little time to commit to this. I miss blogging, and I miss reading the blogs I check daily. I'm going to do my best to recommit to both this month.

June has been busy with the usual (running, cleaning, family, friends, OTHER commitments) and with research. I've got very little writing done, but I have researched 2 stories and entered 3 contests.

To that effect, I didn't final in the Virginia Fool for Love one, but I did get some fantastic feedback. I'm not one for taking to heart other's opinions when it's clear they 'just didn't like the story', we all have our tastes. But I take extreme offense to them saying certain words aren't period or my grammar/spelling is wrong. They are and it's not - and that's all I have to say on that.

Otherwise, my scores rage pretty much over the spectrum. In a contest where a 3rd judge is brought in when scores are 35 poiunts or more apart, mine were - twice. 70, 118, and 143 all out of 150. Go figure.

Still, I got some great feedback from the 100+ scores, and plan on taking that all into consideration.

So until next time.

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Goddess Fish Blog Tour Partner