Monday, March 7, 2011


Biggest cliche pet peeves:

*The Big Misunderstanding (kisses another and instead of talking hero/heroine walks out) otherwise known as TBM
*Marrying because she's pregnant by his brother/BFF/cousin/father/etc
*Evil other woman/man who are utter cardboard
*TSTL virginal heroine
*The Will Stipulation (oh how I despise that one!)
*Plain Jane who is gorgeous with a little makeup
*Making the mother/father the root of all the hero/heroine's issues
*The secret child (especially in an historical where she's pregnant by the hero, TBM occurs and she's married off to a kindly older man who never has sex with her and then conveniently dies)
*I didn't realize I had sex and thought it was a dream even though I'm a virgin (actually added this one thanks to a reivew I read last week)

Cliches I actually do enjoy:

*Marriage of convenience
*Office romances that doesn't involve the boss and assistant
*Starts off antagonistic but ends very passionately
*Evil relative if the evilness isn't cardboard

What about you? Favs? Wall bangers? Ones you can tolerate?

Thursday I'm hosting Jean Hart Stewart as she talks about her book For Love is New.

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Penelope said...

Hi Isabel! I HATE the Big Misunderstanding, too. (I call it the Three's Company Misunderstanding!). My favorite cliche is Beauty and the Beast. Love those!

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