Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Writing Weekend part 3

Friday night was very informal. We arrived, unpacked, ate, and talked. As noted yesterday, we also had a psychic. But we also made a plan for the rest of the weekend. Sure, we had the agenda, but we talked plots and what each individual author wanted out of this weekend.

We also talked about why we had this weekend. It came about from a 2008 RWA workshop in San Francisco hosted by Susan Mallery and three of her writing friends whose names escape me now. (But they're all bestselling Harlequin authors.)

Twice a year they meet in hotel rooms around the country and devote a day each to brainstorming and plotting new ideas. Pretty cool, eh? Yeah, we all thought so, too, and created a smaller version of it.

While all of us have been friends for years, we got to know each other better, outside the writing box. No, we didn't do the speed plotting round, but relaxing hafter a long week was needed more. For next time we'll definitely add in time for idle chit chat!

Tomorrow: Saturday's progress

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