Friday, December 10, 2010

Guest blogging, statistics and thoughts

First, tomorrow I'm over at Fang-tastic blogging about historical paranormals and why I find them fascinating to both read and write.


They're fascinating things. Here on Blogger, it's easy (now) to check your blog stats. For instance, I know my guest post from Keira of Love Romance Passion post from last year is still hugely popular, as is my review on Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. (May-December 2010: 119 for Keira, and 236! for Mr. Darcy.)

I also seem to be popular in Russia and Hungary. (Spam anyone?) Even though the only thing I know in Russian is goodbye and that's in the Roman alphabet not Cyrillic. Hungarian? Nada.

The thing I notice is that people come. They read. They do not comment. I wonder why that is. Curious. My post on reviews and why you do them, where you post them, and if you comment on others gets hits, but no comments. Hmmm...

Even my guests get hits, especially after the fact, and yet very few comments. Example: Friday Guest: Wendi Zwaduk with 120 page views but only a measly 6 comments. 120 vs. math seems skewed.

I'm running a Title Contest, and have 2 comments, great suggestions but from only 2 people? Interesting.

And that's my tangent thought for the day.


Lisa R/alterlisa said...

I'm not sure about others but I've found that I now follow so many blogs that even though I try to leave a short comment when visiting that it's often hard to feel that I'm not leave a repetitive or generic comment. It's often hard to leave a new fresh statement to a post when this may be the 100th post I've read today. Is it better to leave a repetitive or generic comment rather than to read and run and leave no comment? I never want an author to think that I'm insincere when leaving a comment but often at the end of my reading day I begin to feel a bit burned out.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Isabel Roman said...

Lisa, I feel the same way. I follow a lot of blogs and commenting on all of them seems mind boggling! It's hard to say, comment vs just reading. I'd rather you come, saw, read than comment! At least you're reading!

Susan Macatee said...

I wonder if it's just that people don't have time. I often click into a blog post, but end up skimming through it, my mind on all the other things I have yet to do. You really have to grab my attention to get a comment. If I click onto a post that already has a lot of comments, I don't bother to leave one, figuring it will just get lost in the shuffle.

And the few blogs I follow, I often don't have time to go in and see if they have any new posts up. Then I get so far behind, I don't bother to do more than a skim.

Could be we're all just time constrained.

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