Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Exerpt: Dark Desires of the Druids: Desert and Destiny

Dark Desires of the Druids: Desert and Destiny, can you tell I love alliteration? You have no idea how hard it was to come up with these, and I'm rather proud of all my titles. So, Gareth. The tough alpha male who doesn't know how to show his feelings, his affection. One fiance left him, and now there's this woman in his life. Good thing Arabelle doesn't take any of his shit!

Available in bookstores here and here, and online here (for only $2.49!)and here.

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Gareth sat on his cot and listened to the evening sounds. The diggers and bearers talked in loud groups off to one side, but he didn’t interfere. Arabelle assured them they were safe enough here with the guards the diggers would set out, but that wasn’t what concerned him.

His body’s reaction to the mere thought of her was instant. He wanted her, he always did. Gareth began to believe he’d never get enough of her. It scared him, but at the same time –


Arabelle’s whispered voice cut through the night, startling him out of his thoughts of her. She poked her head into the tent, and he stood, gesturing her in. Still fully clothed in her khaki dig clothes, she stood awkwardly there, staring at him for several long moments.

“I wanted to thank you for last night,” she said. “I should have before, but I didn’t want,” she moved her hands in a helpless motion and shrugged. “I didn’t think you’d want the others to hear me.”

For the first time, Gareth had a strange notion. Did she think he was ashamed of her? Ashamed of what they did? Unreasonably angry over that thought, he shook his head. How to make her understand he wasn’t?

“We’ve all been in that position at one point or another with Corwin’s accusations.” That wasn’t what he wanted to say, it wasn’t how he wanted to explain himself.

“Yes,” she nodded, holding herself back. He could see the tension in her shoulders. “Well I just wanted to thank you.”

She started to back away, out of the tent, and he was desperate to stop her. Gareth stepped forward, closing his fingers about her arm. “You look cold,” he said stupidly, wishing for something better.

No wonder Raven left him. That thought niggled at the back of his mind, something she’d said the other day during their argument.

“Here,” he continued, offering her the cot. “I’ll start a fire.” She started to protest, but he grinned at her. “A magickal fire. It’s all the rage; I’m surprised you hadn’t heard about them.”

Arabelle laughed, and he saw her relax. Fishing for something to talk about, without making her angry, Gareth settled for what little they had in common.

“I’m sorry you had to be there,” he said. “You should’ve let me kill Corwin when I had the chance in that warehouse.” He smiled to take any sting out of his words. But she didn’t seem to take offense.

“Possibly,” she shrugged, “but he still has enough followers to make things difficult for us. Still, perhaps you’re right. Perhaps it would’ve been better to rid ourselves of him then. I’ve taken precautions,” she added, “and I understand you and Lords Preston and Granville have as well?”

“Some,” he agreed, no longer holding onto the anger he had whenever Preston’s name was mentioned. “But we have limited resources here.”

She rose and moved in a small circle around the magickal heat. Staring at the orb, she said, “I wonder what we’re going to find tomorrow. I’ve speculated on this.”

She looked up at him in concentration, excited concentration as if this were a new find. And he supposed it was, and as she was an Egyptologist, this would be exciting for her on many levels.

“I’ve wondered, so many times on what’s in the repository, what the ancients stored for us. If you knew your civilization was going to halt, to stop, to end what would you store? What would you keep for others to find?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I’m not sure I can answer that tonight. I hope,” he smiled, taking her hand and drawing her next to him again, “the ancients took more time in compiling whatever they hid.”

“I wonder. Sometimes, you don’t know – you don’t believe – that things will change.” She shook her head and he heard the frustration in her voice at not being able to express herself. But she all but bounced next to him in excitement. It was contagious.

“That you won’t wake up to a new world. Would they prepare? Did they have the time? Or was it too late?” She turned to look at him and in the dim artificial light he saw her enthusiasm. “It was such a long time ago, I wonder if we’ll ever know.”

Cupping her face, he smiled at her. “You’re so beautiful when you’re enthralled like this. When you’re passionate.”

Arabelle smiled back. Then, surprising him she leaned forward and kissed him. Her body was warm against his as she shifted, controlling the situation.

“Make love to me,” she said against his mouth.

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