Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Excerpt: Dark Desires of the Druids: Sex and Subterfuge

Dark Desires of the Druids: Sex & Subterfuge now out in papaerback from Red Silk Editions in bookstores here and here and online here and here.

Ahh, Lucien, how I adore thee. Hunky sexy magicker who's strong enough to love a woman more powerful than he is. Plus there's that sexy dining room table scene. *le sigh*

Pppssst...have you entered my Title Contest?

Morgana waited until she couldn’t see David from her front windows before returning to her bedroom. Lucien was there, naked, by the window. The heavy curtain was pulled only slightly back, and she wondered if anyone could tell he stared into the morning from directly across the street.

What did he do before coming into her life? No simple English earl, that was for certain.

“What did he want?” Lucien asked as the curtain fell back into place. He turned and looked at her, his eyes unreadable.

“Me,” she said. Then shrugged and untied her dressing gown.

“Too bad,” he growled and before she blinked, he was before her. She was held tight against him, the hard length of his body. “You’re mine.”

Morgana barely had time to nod before his lips were on hers. Lucien gently pushed her onto their bed, one hand already finding its way underneath the damask dressing gown she wore.

“Your skin is smooth as silk,” he said. “I’ll never tire of feeling you under me.”

“Lucien,” Morgana breathed, unbelievably aroused at his words, his possessiveness. Shocked at her own need, her own desire to be his.

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