Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Title contest!

Title Contest!!

I've talked off and on about my New York City, Prohibition Era romance. It's not an erotic romance, but it is a very sensual romance I hope to make into a series. Think Nick and Nora from The Thin Man. But with no smoking...and illegal drinking.

There's sleuthing, speakeasies, kidnapping, wild music and wilder women. Remember, it's the 20s--the sexual revolution before the 60s generation was a glimmer in their parents eyes.

My problem? I have no title. None. The document is saved as Chapter One. Seriously! So from now until the New Year (1/1/11) I'm running a contest for the person with the best title. The winner gets a recurring minor character named after him or her in this (hopefully) series. Leave a comment here or email me your suggestions. Can be more than one, I accept everything through January 1, 2011!


Kit Marlowe said...

I love Nick and Nora! Some brainstorms:

Lucky Chance

Rum Punch

Gimlet Eyes

Jazz, Snazz and Plenty of Razz

The Big Splash (oh wait! ;-)

Caroline Clemmons said...

I can hardly waitfor you to finish this one. I'd have to know a bit more to suggest a title. I do so love a 1920's novel and I know yours will be filled with humor as well as mystery and adventures. Get busy on it!

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