Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's Excerpt Murder and Magick

Dark Desires of the Druids: Murder & Magick. This is my first published book, now out for 2 years (seriously, time does fly!) I'm very proud of it and absolutely adore the cover! It's now available for the Kindle for 99¢, but also on Ravenous, All Romance eBooks, B&N, and anywhere else you can think of to buy ebooks.

Oh, and don't forget my Title Contest!

With another growl, he pulled her across him, boots forgotten, to attack her mouth. “Minx.”

She merely offered a smug smile and drew him closer.

Silken under his mouth, her skin heated from his touches. The cottage lay in darkness. Though he’d have preferred to see his lover in the full light of the sun, he knew her body well enough to bring her to pleasure every time.

She was right of course; things could no longer go on as they had been. Mac didn’t care as he entered her, and that bone-deep satisfaction settled over him, sheathed in her wet warmth.

God, this was heaven. Nothing in this world or, he was certain, the next could compare to being inside Raven. He couldn’t give this up, wasn’t sure how to give her up.

Savoring each thrust, the way she moved against him, Mac let the moment play out, let it stretch into the heated air around them, each of holding the other’s gaze.

And then it snapped. Raven cried his name and rode her orgasm out beneath him, hips grinding against his, a picture of wild and wanton beauty.

His to hold, his to delight in. As his own climax overtook him, Mac’s last coherent thought echoed through him.

Raven was his.

Need won over duty.

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