Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Progress

On the side of my blog, I have the progress of three stories. The Egyptian Contemporary is currently on hold though I'd love to revisit that and soon. My Dark Regency is next on the list of things to complete and I'll get to that within the next several weeks, probably the second or third week in January. It's thoroughly plotted and outlined, all I lack is time.

(Isn't that a song?)

And I'm happy to say I'm finished with my Vintage 1922 Prohibition Story! Now when I say finished, I mean I'm done ripping it apart and gutting the original story. It was gory.

By finished, I mean I'm done rewriting it and will now spend the next 2 weeks polishing it one final time for submission. Ah, the things you wish you'd done before Christmas week.

No matter, I'm very pleased with this story, I know I can add a few more things here and there, and will do so no matter the season.

What are you doing this week? Shopping? Wrapping? Baking? Cleaning house? Crashing on the couch and hoping it'll all be over soon?

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