Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Review: Northern Roses & Southern Belles

Next in line for this anthology is Mary Ann Webber's No Decorum.

This story made me laugh. I don't usually like heroines who are this immature, but in reading, I found Juliet not immature, but reactionary. She's a young southern woman with Yankees in her midst and an attraction to one that she doesn't understand. Of course she's going to fight back. Not with fists and guns, but with words and feelings. Despite being the daughter of a pastor, I found her to be all to human, just like anyone else. Not prim and proper, though she strived to be, but completely human.

Reverend Ambrose, Juliet's father, and General Steele are endearing characters, who, despite war, are also all too human. They're not stereotypical: no pulling the couple apart, no lectures, nothing of the sort.

And the history is great, very revealing for a campaign i knew nothing about.

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