Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Review: Northern Roses and Southern Belles

OK, I admit it! Sheesh, quit with the arm twisting! I'm posting reviews of this anthoogy one at a time because no matter how I say I'm going to read more, things crop up and I'm busier than I expected. So while yes, it may take me a while to do these reviews, at least I'm reviewing stuff I've read! That's gotta count for something. :)

This week is Are You Going to the Dance by Jeanmarie Hamilton.

I really enjoyed this, not only for the history aspect, which I consider the hallmark of a great historical--when I learn something new about an era I thought I knew all about. I mean BS in American History! This story had that in spades and more. But history aside, the plot was great.

Clay is great, very sexy in addition to being slightly conflicted. It's a hard job he has. Lexi, well Lexi Im not so sure about. I liked her, I didn't skip over or skim her scenes or anything, but I thought there was something off about her. Could be me, could be the mood I was in, I've been so busy lately and despite my enjoyment of this anthology my eyes just couldn't stay open. Could have taken away from my enjooyment.

All in all, Jeanmarie's story is sexy, fun, and very enjoyable. Having read her Seduction (which I'll review later) I know I'll enjoy all her future stories.

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Caroline Clemmons said...

I loved this story. I love history, and especially Texas history. So, "Are You Going To The Dance" was perfect for my taste. I hope everyone has a chance to read this novella.

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