Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Review: Northern Roses & Southern Belles

I decided to post reviews on Wednesdays. I read a lot, OK not as much as I used to--it's hard to read while writing, plus I'm paranoid about plagiarizing something accidentally. But I still read a lot of my fellow authors.

I'm starting with Northern Roses & Southern Belles, since there are a lot of great authors in this anthology...I won't, however, review my own book. :) I'll go in order, starting with Susan Macatee's Angel of My Dreams.

Holes in time, I love it! I love the mystical aspects of this, crossing paths with someone in time. I'd love to read more about this, not necessarily the hows and whys and wherefores, but if there are more couples out there who meet like this. Somewhere in Time or even the not very good but semi-amusing Biggles Adventures in Time. (Well I enjoyed it!) It's the science fiction geek in me.

But the romance, very bittersweet. I'd love to know more about Angela and how that progresses. And what happens to Josie? Don't leave me hanging! OK, I admit to admiring the way the story ended, good job, Susan, but how about a little something more? *G*

Overall, I enjoyed the story, the romance between times, and Kyle's mind boggle-ness over the whole thing. Frankly, this could have been a little longer, but given the constraints of the word limit, I understand why it wasn't.

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