Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Review: Northern Roses and Southern Belles

I admit to having a small part in the making of this story. A very small part. Jennifer Ross is Canadian and when asked to write a story for the American Civil War scoffed. Until a little research dug up the history on the St. Albans Raid where the Confederates escaped into Canada.

And so this wonderful gem of a story was born. I take no credit for the writing of the story or for the plot, only for proposing the vague concept. The rest is all Jenn's.

The Colonial and the Cottontail

Beside the unusual locale of the story, this was a beautiful story about hope. Becca embraces that hope for the future for she and her young son. Cole, one of the Confederate fugitives, hopes for a Confederate States of America. Until he meets Becca. It's then his lies catch up with him and he realizes what he truly wants.

Personally, I'm hoping Jenn agrees to write a War of 1812 story with me. I think her Canadian perspective will make a wonderful mirror to the Burining of Washington story I want to tell. Alas, she has her own projects she's doing. Maybe one day.


Jennifer Ross said...

Isabel, Isabel. Let me give you a hint on marketing. When you are talking to someone named ROSS and you have a story idea of doing a mirror on a particular event in history, and one of the main persons in history is named ROSS, you ought mention the particular event you had in mind.

I knew War of 1812, but I didn't know the exact event you wanted to cover for your part. I was married to Robert Ross, for pete's sake, and I remember the burning of the White House because of it. Now of course it is tax season, but let's talk!

Isabel Roman said...

I can wait until after tax season! I can wait very patiently. :) You just let me know, Jenn!

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