Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Progress

First, just got a review for Kiss of Scandal, my 1855 Russian-set historical. Long & Short Reviews gave it 4 stars:
Fast paced, ‘Kiss of Scandal’ is a combination of romance, history, and political thriller...The life and love of Katia is the heart and soul of the story. She is a young woman determined to get some control of her own fate. We understand her doubts about her current probable fate, yet cannot help but feel that fortune has landed her in a better situation than she realizes...Try something a little different; Kiss of Scandal is well-worth reading. Read the whole review here.

I'm THRILLED with my progress on this novel. Like jumping up and down thrilled. I've revised the chapter breakdown once or twice (eight or nine) times, but with every tweak I know better where I'm going and what I want each scene and chapter to accomplish.

I'm averaging 1500-2000 words a night. Which, after 8 hours of work, is pretty darn impressive. I've divided my chapters into roughly 2000 words apiece, so about 1 chapter a night. So far, since Sunday that means I've done 4 (.5 but I work odd hours on Wednesdays and write only when I can squeeze it in).

Please ignore the dance of joy, it looks silly and is embarassing but forward motion! YIPPEE!

How's it going with your stories? And yes, I consider breaking down a scene to its most intimate parts progress. Any advacement is good advancemet! Even if it's scrapping a scene and plotting another. Cause sometimes no...those words don't make sense.

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