Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Progress

I'm having a great week. Writing wise at least. Won't talk any other-wise, it's not worth the headache.

It's been hugely busy, sleep has been of the past, but I'm so pleased with what I've accomplished I don't care. I'll crash this weekend, and believe me it'll be a crash.

Editing, writing, rewriting, when it works, it works. I wrote 15,000 words between last week and this week. All words I intend to keep, that work with the story, movie scenes along, and are so very lovely to look at.

I also rearranged my office area after convincing a screenplay writer friend that she needed an office space to focus on the writing at hand. I was so passionate about that, then looked around mine and realized I needed to clutter. ahh, breathing room.

Now if only I could move the wood stove from the living room to the office, I might actually use it in winter!

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