Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Guest: Jennifer Ross

Thanks for joining me today, Jenn! (She's my favorite Canadian--any question I have, she'll answer, which is so cool because I have a lot of them!)

I fully admit to tempting you with this bit of Canadian lore, but what made you decide to write an American Civil War story?

Well the most compelling reason to start was that my beloved ScanVics were doing it (plus this one really persistent ScanVic wouldn't leave me alone :) ) That was what got me looking into the history. After that, the story itself compelled me to tell it, because I found it a fascinating look at my country's birth through the ashes of your country's conflict.

You're so passionate about Canadian history, is this a pasttime? How did this love develop?

This is an incredibly long story, but it involves me going to vote and being told I couldn't due to my religion. Say, what? First of all, nothing makes you appreciate the ability to vote like not being able to vote. I wasn't about to take this! So, I had to research. And in spite of not actually knowing how to research, I believe I found the smoking gun. The one that makes me right and the government wrong. Not being a millionaire, I can't afford the court costs to fight this (plus this was for a school board and my kids are long since out of school so I have no standing). But I thought it was so interesting that nobody else (apparently) has ever discovered this discrepancy, I wondered what else was in our history that people, like me, didn't know.

Tell us a little about the story--rabbits? I love it!

The story involves a St. Albans raider of the Confederacy who escapes being arrested by the 'Canadian' (we weren't a country then) authorities when the raiders travelled into Canada. He meets up with a woman and her son while trying to get back to Montreal to help his comrades escape. Needing a cover to prevent being arrested himself, he joins up with her for the journey. The rabbit just popped out of the hole and into the story all by himself, but I love him for it.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Yes, yes there is. I have complained previously everywhere that rabbits haven't left me alone since the day I submitted the story to our editor Allison. But I haven't told you about Colton. Colton is the name of my hero, and I named him that because I originally was going with "Colton and the Colonial" as the title, and I wanted a 'C' name. I have no idea where it came from other than it is good with Colonial. I have never met a Colton in my life, I don't know of an actor or singer with that name, etc. Except, now I do his payroll in my day job.

Haha, Jenn that's so cool. Isn't it amazing how things like that happen?! Thanks for joining me today.

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Susan Macatee said...

This was a great story, Jenn! And yeah, I like the name Colton too!Fits your hero.

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