Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Progress





It's a never eding cycle of plot, write, and the self-edit.

But I love it, despite the suspicious keyboard marks on my forehead. Not so attractive but I don't seem to leave this computer so no one really notices them anyway.

ACK! And let's not forget the synopsis!

'Nuff Said.


Susan Macatee said...

I feel like I've been on that wheel, Isabel. I just submitted two stories, a novel and a short story. Then wrote the first draft of a new short story. But now I'm back to my novella and realized I hadn't worked out the entire plot yet. So, now I'm back to plotting.

Dominique Peters said...

Hi! On my current WIP, I'm attempting to write the synopsis first. Yes, I am trying NOT to be a panster. Working pretty well so far, but I am anxious to just start writing the dang thing!

Isabel Roman said...

It is a never ending cycle, isn't it Susan?!

Domiique, I applaude your motivation to write the synopsis before the story. I try that but agree, it's way more fun to just write the story!

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