Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Review: The Walking Dead

Finally managed to finish the series. I don't like horror, I don't thrive on it, laugh at it, or collect it. I think the last horror movie I saw was Halloween H20...and it was bad. This is my horror level, get it?

But zombies. I wasn't going to watch this, I was perfectly happy ignoring the latest in the zombie trend. But then I heard everyone (and I do mean that literally) talking about it. Not just zombie lovers, but people I wouldn't have thought knew what a zombie was.

So I caved.

And it was pretty good! AMC did a great job with the characterization, with the aftermath, and unlike The Road (2 thumbs down!) they explained the overall world and what happened. Whereas The Road left the apocalypse as a vague explanation you had to guess at and were left wondering if the water they drank and the air they breathed was contaminated or not, The Walking Dead (based on the long-running comic series) created a disease.

A mysterious, deadly, infectious disease, but one that left the survivors unscathed and able to survive without those pesky is-this-safe? questions.

Granted, the sheriff, was entirely too stupid to live, and should have stayed with the always stellar Lennie James, but alas. Because of course I'm going to ride into Atlanta (or any city for that matter!) on a horse amidst a zombie outbreak, with all the cars leaving town now burnt out shells, and not one damn sign of human life.

That's beside the's about the survivors, which all the best post-apocalyptic stories are about. Give it a try, it's worth it.

Hungry for Your Love: An Anthology of Zombie Romance


Susan Macatee said...

My husband and I got hooked on this series! I'm not into those blood and gore movies either, unless I can get into the characters, like with "I Am Legend". I really like "The Walking Dead" and am eagerly awaiting future episodes. And I agree, it's the characterization that has everyone talking about this one.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Don't do horror either although my son and hubs do. I couldn't get into it. Hubs loves it. I did try to watch it. They have some good characters but if I can take or leave it, then I usually leave it and go do something I do enjoy--writing or reading.

I have to say, I'm not a zombie fan. Usually, all I have to hear is the word zombie and I'm leaving the room.

Isabel Roman said...

I was most definitely going to leave it. Too many zombies in the first episode. I missed parts of the second but did a marathon viewing through 3-6. Less zombies and mindless gore and more characterization.

Sia, if you're up to it definitely watch I think it's episodes 3 and 4, when they return to Atlanta and the people (as opposed to zombies *G*) they meet there. Great humanization.

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