Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Reviews: A Woman of Choice

A couple weeks ago I had Kris Tualla here as part of her Norway is the new Scotland blog tour. She graciously offered a PDF copy of her book, A Woman of Choice for me to read. Which I did...devoured more like it.

No, it wasn't one of those I stayed up reading until 4 am the night before an important meeting (Catching Fire) but that was an extenuating circumstance. I don't usually do that any more, I tend to pace myself with reading and sleep, sleep usually being the more important of the two.

Sad but true. But I did find myself reading as my eyes drooped, and that's always a good sign.

Now, A Woman of Choice...

This is the blurb and it's tantalizing in and of itself:

A woman is viciously betrayed by her unfaithful husband and left for dead. She is rescued by a widower not interested in love. But he offers her shelter, purpose, and passion. She offers herself. But she never expected his best friend to offer her marriage! One woman, three very different men. Life is about CHOICES.

Norwegian in America. Yummy Norwegian in America. Frankly, Nicolas could have been anywhere and I'd have jumped his bones. But besides all that bone jumping, it was a great story. History of America aside, which I love, it also delved deeply into the history of Norway.

Sydney is strong, trying to overcome her past, trying to deal with, well, quite a bit. But she's not prim & proper which is just as well considering it's 1819 Missouri.

Also, this is but the first leg of Nicolas and Sydney's journey. I don't have yet but will get the next two books ASAP . I like reading about a couple beyond book one, because while I adore the Happily Ever After, I know there's always something after that. A good writer can move beyond trite soap opera cliches to break up the characters and show what really happens in a relationship.

I have every confidence Kris is a writer who can pull that off.

Now, because I feel I need to at least add this is, Kris did self-publish this. At least that's what I get from the publisher site. If I'm wrong, Kris, I apologize. However, my addendum to that caveat is that it's still a damned fine book and definitely worth reading.

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