Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Progress: Dangerous Miss Hunt

Done. Finished. Complete. Finito.

So there!

Doing the happy dance now...

I do want to read through it once more, I'm sure there are spots that still need polishing, and I want to make sure the romance flows well from Point A thru Point D. The synopsis needs one more read through as well, and then it's off!

And only 7 weeks rather than the 6 weeks I'd estimated. Not too shabby considering I had to rework so much of it and do the beginning from scratch.

My title contest garnered a total of one person offering suggestions, so in honor of that, I've named Jared's butler Marlowe. He'll be making repeat appearances in the future three books. :) Thanks, Kit! (Kate, CMK...) No, I didn't chose one of those suggestions, but then I did offer limited information about the book and it did change from the time I posted that contest. Still, it's the effort that counts.

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