Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Reviews: The A-Team (movie)

As a child, I was a big fan of The A-Team. Every Saturday I watched it on whatever station it ran. The last season aside, it was a great show I never tired of. It was what it is, and considering it involved mysteries, guns, war, lies, thugs, bullies, and yes even sex, it was still the kind of show that never loses its appeal.

Favorite line? Murdock's: (not quoted but from memory) Those who will be back will be coming back. But those who won't be back, won't be coming back. Now I say this because if you aren't back, then you won't be back. Understood?
(It's the one with the soup kitchen.)

With a great deal of reservation, I watched the trailers for the movie. And fell in love. I HAD to see it, like pay for it in a movie theater which I rarely do ($10 a ticket? Out of your frakkin' mind).
It was so worth it!

In one of the few remakes I can applaud, it took the qualities I loved from the original and modernized them. The humor was there, the comrade between the 4 of them, everything that made me tune in week after week to watch a show whose episodes were so similar that even as a kid I could tell that.
I didn't mind that they took some of the iconic pieces from the show and did away with them. I liked the fact that they added them in! I liked that even the music was used, albeit in a slightly different manner. I loved BA's reasons for not flying. I loved the antagonistic friendship between BA and Murdock. I love Hannibal's plans, and I swear Liam Neeson channeled George Peppard.
Bradley Cooper? Never heard of him before this (I didn't watch The Hangover though I may now) but yum. Just...yum.
All in all, while I'm no fan of remakes, this one was spot on. Two thumbs up, definitely.

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