Friday, June 26, 2009

What kind of contest would you like?

Now that all 4 of my Druids books are out I'm thinking of having a contest. My question to you is, What kind? There are a lot out there: scavenger hunts, leave a comment on a blog, those kinds of things. I want something different...but what? Fix the collapsible panels on my website, win a book doesn't sound too intriguing! (Though I'd be grateful, they're driving me bonkers!)

Rules: Must pertain to me, my Druids books, and have a realistic prize. The person whose contest I pick will receive their choice of either a Victorian purse or a box of Godiva chocolates. Their choice. The contest runs from June 26, 2009-July 10, 2009.

Ideas? Leave a comment on my blog, twitter me @Ladyisabel, or email me!
Murder and Magick
Sex and Subterfuge
Desert and Destiny
Temptations and Treachery


Chelle said...

Honestly, who would choose a purse over chocolate? I just don't even understand some people. :P

We were thinking of having some sort of a facebook fan raffle - become a fan (or friend or whatever) on facebook - would also work with Twitter - and once a week or once a month pick a name and send them something cool.

Obviously haven't worked out all the details yet. Just throwin' it out there.

You know the addy to send my chocolates to, right? :P

Isabel Roman said...

I do happen to have your address, yeah. I like the facebook thing. Interesting.

Isabel Roman said...

Fan page? Must make one!

Hagelrat said...

You could pick an element of one of your novels an dhave a "fascinating fact off". If you chose say druids in england or dessert tribes or something and people leave interesting facts they dig up (and their source) in the comments, or email you.

Hagelrat said...

Prizes are tricky, signed photos/postcards of druid icons? Easy to post.

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