Thursday, June 25, 2009

Temptations and Treachery!

Now out! Temptations and Treachery, the 4th and final book of my Dark Desire of the Druids series is out today!

Blurb: Lady Isadore Harrington is a well-bred English lady. She's traveled the world in search of magickal artifacts to help her people and has seen the best and worst of humanity. But she's never taken time for herself—never done just for herself. Going to Philadelphia as the magicker emissary between England and the Americas, she intends to rectify that.

Then she meets James Blackthorne. Tall, handsome, witty, commanding, he brings out feelings in her she's always wanted to experience but never has. He makes her want him, makes her forget all else but him. Virginal, but far from naïve, Isadore is tempted to experience everything James has to offer. Cautious by nature, she offers her body to him and discovers all her sexual desires fulfilled.

But the magicker world is far from safe, and Isadore is threatened from many who are jealous and distrustful. Temptations abound, but treachery is never far behind.


Isadore woke to find herself wrapped in the arms of Morgana's cousin. She remembered what happened last night, the vision she experienced, James holding her. She smiled as she thought of Lucien's snide comments about him, but dismissed them. James had been nothing but kind to her—sardonic, but she found that charming.

Carefully turning over, Isadore looked at the sleeping man.

She'd never slept with a man in her bed, despite her druidic heritage. The arousal that pooled low in her at the intimacy of their positions surprised her. And aroused her more. Despite that, her body ached from the incessant visions, her throat sore and she hoped she hadn't screamed and embarrassed herself.

Her fingers were light as she brushed his red-blonde hair off his forehead, traced the dark circles under his eyes. Embarrassed at her move, Isadore slipped out of bed. James didn't stir. Splashing water on her face from the basin on the table, she found a brush and ran it through her hair.

Irisi wasn't in the room. Isadore paused as she thought about last night. She remembered James carrying her upstairs, she remembered Irisi bathing her face with a cool cloth, but not much else until she woke this morning. At least not much beyond the horrific visions.

Flushed with embarrassment at not only her position but Irisi seeing it, she pulled the bell cord.

She had to dress before James woke—and there he was.

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