Monday, June 22, 2009


I admit, I spend an inordinate amount of time sending my books out for reviews. As a reader, I won't buy a new author unless someone--another reader, a print mag, an online review, or anyone not Oprah who doesn't read romances and gravitates toward the depressing--favorably reviews the story. And includes good reasons as to why or why not they enjoyed the tale.

Coffee Time Romance just reviewed Hot Water in the Green Love Anthology. Read the review of the whole anthology here. I've excerpted my story:

Hot Water
Ms. Roman has written an emotionally and stimulatingly charged story full of love and sensuality. This was not only beautifully composed but the type of tale I love to read, where you can connect with the characters. This story was easy to read from beginning to end and the conclusion of it will not leave you hanging, which made me a very happy reader.

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Nicole McCaffrey said...

Isabel, congrats on the wonderful review! LOL on reading books recommended by "anyone not Oprah". I don't care for her selections myself, LOL.

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