Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crimean War and you

Not so perfect together. I have 1 slim volume, and 2 very large, very detailed books on the Crimean War. Luckily, they come with an index, because I truly have no desire to read through them! But they do have some cool pictures.

Hmm, I can only find 2 at the moment. I can't imagine where that 3rd large one went to.

Crimea: The Great Crimean War 1854-1856 by Trevor Royle
The Origins of the Crimean War by Brison D. Gooch

Naming them is harder than usual, because of the patronymic, the Russian middle name. Everyone had one like Worf, son of Mogh in Trek, it meant the same thing: -ovich/-yevich/-yich for son of and yevna/-ovna/-ichna for daughter of.

The patronymic is an official part of the name. It's used in all official documents as well as when addressing somebody both formally and among friends. For instance, you'd rarely formally address a person named Mikhail simply as Mikhail, but rather as Mikhail followed by his patronymic Mikhail Nikolayevich or Mikhail Sergeyevich. However, when a person is called by a diminutive, Misha for Mikhail, the patronymic is rarely used.

See the problem? Off I go to name, name, name. I intend to have this completely plotted and broken by Friday.

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