Friday, June 19, 2009

Russian Aristocracy

That's the tentative title of my Russian Epic. I've got Princes, Counts, a Tsar and Tsarevich, Royal Guards, and possibly a Sultan. In Russia, Princes aren't next in line. It's just another title. The Tsar is the Emperor, the Tsarevich is the heir, and all other children are Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses.

To be a Prince in Russia isn't like being the Prince of Wales. It's just a title. A high title, with populated land (meaning serfs) but it's just a title. There was no line to being Tsar, unless you planned a palace coup, but that's another story.

Katria and Nikolai. They're in love, the deep passionate kind. Their marriage is called off, their lives endangered, their families threatened. Russian Epics at their finest! Move over, Tolstoy! Or maybe not...


Mandi said...

oooh...sounds intriguing:)

J.A. Saare said...

I agree with Mandi! Very intriguing indeed!

I saw your reply on the loop to Christine and wanted to drop in and say hello. ;)


Isabel Roman said...

Thanks for dropping in both of you! :) I'm glad you find this intriguing; it's taken a lot of research to get to here, and I'd already loved Russia. It's always the little things that are difficult to discover, though.

Still, Russia with political intrigue, love, lust, murder, betrayal. I love it!

Starting tomorrow I'll begin writing this. As soon as I figure out a blasted beginning hook! Wish me luck :)

victor said...

Dear Bloggers, I was in Bournemouth last weekend for the airshow; fantastic but what was more fantastic was a website which was splattered all over the place near Boscombe Pier. Check it out; did the Russian Aristocracy really frequent Bournemouth in the early 1900's Some Archduke dude there strolling around with his body guard?

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