Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zombie love anyone?

Never thought you'd read those words, did you. Welcome to the new writing world, where anything goes. I'm not mocking, and not cause I'm in this particular anthology. Or not just. We are in an age where the confines of that pesky box are no longer.
  • Want to write your time travel Civil War romance? Go right ahead.

  • Or a forward time travel (traveling forward in time rather than backwards) from Ireland to Texas? Go for it!
  • Zombies, werewolves, vampires, oh my! I don't have statistics, but I recently read that paranormal is the largest romance sub genre. Yup. I so believe that.

  • Menage? M/M? F/F? There's a market, a huge one, and it's no longer under Anonymous, or in Penthouse, or anything else you don't want it to be. Talk about a large romance sub genre!
  • (When I say sub genre I mean under the romance umbrella, since that's pretty all encompassing.)
With the explosion of e-publishing, stories the 'regular' print publishers refused to look at are now getting attention. They're not only being picked up but they're selling well. So why not Quirk Press's Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (needed more zombies and less plot holes) or Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (haven't read it, so can't comment)?

Don't believe me? I just read a post on this very thing. (Granted I wrote this blog on Tuesday and read the post on Wednesday but the timing was perfect!)

Hungry for your Love is the zombie romance anthology from Ravenous Romance and St. Martin's Press. St. Martin's Press bought the print distribution rights to Ravenous's zombie e-book. Tells you something, huh: zombies (and that outside the box thing) are everywhere.

My story, Zombified, admittedly has the zombies cast as the bad guys, there's an excerpt on my site, just follow the link. Don't believe you'll like it? Want to see what else is out there? Contact the other authors for the first couple pages of their story-or the e-book is available from ravenous for $4.99. Trust me, it's well worth it.

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Susan Macatee said...

Sounds like fun, Isabel! I'm game for anything outside of the traditional romance genres of prior years. And I agree, it's the e-book explosion that's allowing all these unusual romance genre combos to blast on the scene. I think having a choice, or many choices, of what to read will only make the romance genre stronger.

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