Friday, September 24, 2010


This has been a long long week. In addition to the puppy, I think I had a bad reaction to my flu shot this year. Not that I've ever had a bad reaction before, and have been getting them for years, but there you have it. I hear they added in the H1N1 vaccine to the regular mix. Not sure that was it, but it's what I'm going with since it was the only outside variable.

Things checked off my ToDo list: Finished synopsis AND the partial. Reading it through one last time Saturday and then emailing it off. Very excited about that, no matter what happens. And within the next several weeks, I plan on finishing the story and working on a couple other shorts and unfinished stuff.

October is jammed packed with conferences. I say jammed, does 2 count? ALBACON in the beginning of October, then New Jersey Romance Writers at the end. I'm really excited about ALBACON, it's the first conference where I'm on a workshop panel. We'll be discussing history, research, and writing with someone else. I think it'll be fantastic!

(PST: Registration for both is still open!)


Susan Macatee said...

Good luck with your partial! Hoping you get a request. Sounds like you'll be really busy over the next month and with and with a new puppy, no less.

I had a flu shot years ago and got deathly ill the day after. I never got another one after that and never got the flu either.

Isabel Roman said...

I don't know what happened this year, but it's done. I'll look into what they're putting into the mix. No more H1N1 for me!

Puppy is doing good. No house accidents at least. Chewing through wires now, but we'll deal with that. :)

Susan Macatee said...

They certainly do chew. LOL. But through wires is not a good thing. We discouraged ours by pulling him away from them, but now he chews on other things. Another problem is digging. Ours keeps digging holes in the yard. I remember our first dog doing that when she was young, but she stopped when she got older. Hopefully, it's a puppy thing he'll grow out of soon.

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