Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chapter One

This weekend I planned on writing 20-25,000 words. This included chapter one which is always the hardest to do. It has to be intriguing, progressive, captivating.


If it's just that good, people will read more. If it's not, chances are they'll never read chapter 2. Or, for that matter, buy the book. I've read at least parts of chapter one either online or standing in the book store. If I don't like it, of course I won't buy it. What's the point?

Hence the several hour chapter one tweaking marathon.

I personally think it was worth it. :) Here's hoping others do, too.

Friday Guest: Wendi Zwaduk will be here with her newest release My Immortal, a contemporary paranormal being released from Total-E-Bound. Don't forget to stop on by!


Susan Macatee said...

LOL, Isabel! Good luck with your new book! I try to write the first chapter and keep going, but did have to go back and tweak and tweak again to enter my opening in two contests. Now, I don't plan to look at the opening again for a good long while.

Isabel Roman said...

I try to do that, write it then leave it, but I find that if I don't make sure it's what I want the rest of the story to reflect, there's too much fixing later. If it were only chapter 1 I had to fix that'd be one thing, but usually it's a problem I realize 1/2 thru and have to fix throughout the story. Not worth the trouble.

Hence the tweaking of chapter one until my eyes cross.

Susan Macatee said...

I find if I go back and fix too much in the beginning before writing 'the end', I just never get there. I've done it before and it took me forever to get to the finish line of the first draft. I only went back this time because these contests are time sensitive and I couldn't wait until I finished if I wanted to enter.

But do whatever works for you and good luck with it!

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