Friday, September 17, 2010

Christmas party?

It's September you say? What's your point?

I'm thinking of having a December give away this year. Every week (day???) give away a prize to one random person (*must comment to be entered, restrictions may apply depending on what I give away and where I have to mail it, but one never knows).

Who wants to join me? It's all very vague as of now, I thought it up oh, 2 hours ago. But I'm thinking a short guest post about whatever you want and a give away to one random commenter. Book, chocolate, gift card, whatever.

I wonder if I get enough authors to join in, if I should have a big give away at the end of the month. The question is, what constitutes big? Yes, this requires more thought. Hence the starting in September. But the question stands:

Who wants to join me??? If you're interested, drop me a line!


Susan Macatee said...

Sounds ambitious, but fun, Isabel! Sign me up!

Isabel Roman said...

Excellent, Susan! However this will work (still planning that) it'll be devoted all to you and whatever you're doing. :)

Susan Macatee said...

Great! Let me know when you've got it worked out. I tend to space out on future events. LOL.

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