Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Reviews: The Wild One

Even though my fellow Victorians have written plenty of stories, all of which I've read, I think that to review all of their books would take me through April. And there are so many stories out there to read! This is Denise Eagan's 2nd novel, The Wild One, her sequel to Wicked Woman. Booklist reviewed it, and while I can't seem to find that review, I remember reading it. Not too shabby!

But what do I think of it? I think it's seeped in history, the research was utterly fantastic and believable. Makes me want to set a book along the Barbary Coast the red-light district in San Francisco that is, not Morocco though that does sound interesting now that I say it. :)

So Jessica is an everyday woman trying to make her way quietly through life when that track is derailed by Lee Montgomery. Lee is a sexy rogue, all darkly mysterious and aggressive. Yum. She resists, he advances, and it's a wonderful, sensuous dance between them.

Reformed (or reforming) rakes who finally fall in love are a favorite of mine. Do you think chocolate will bribe her to tell a couple supporting characters' stories? A girl can hope, right?

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