Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 2 of my Writing Vacation

View from my window: Picture not yet taken. Will upload tomorrow. Promise. :)

But the view, despite having a laptop in front of me, is beautiful! It can be distracting. Especially when Horatio the pelican flies by with his family. Two years ago there was a pelican I named Horatio. He was a loner, always flying by at the same time. Last year he acquired a family! Who don't have names but that's because naming is so darn hard. So it's now Horatio and Mrs. Horatio. I do feel bad, she should have her own identity and name, but honestly, what goes with Horatio?

Yesterday, after crashing for several hours from a long midnight flight, then crashing some more outside so I can say, Yes! I was on a tropical island! Look at this tan! I booted up the laptop. What did I do? Looked up times for Percy Jackson & The Olympians. I'm 1/4 way through the book, but saw the movie anyway. Yes, I will finish the book.

Taken for what it was, I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. And yes, that might have something to do with Sean Bean playing Zeus. Deal. Overall, however, I think the book will be better. They usually are.

Today: write at least 3 chapters (+/- 6,000 words) It IS a writing vacation, after all!

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