Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3 of my Writing Vacation

As promised, though I'm sure you'd rather not see this. Pictures from my view:

One day I'm going to see that stupid rain forest on this island. El Yunque. I've said that for going on 4 years now. However, that trip is not going to be today. For today, I'm diving back into my ghostly hero's head and seeing what fun I can stir up.

Yesterday I managed to keep my sanity and write about 5,000 words. Words I like, mind you. Words I'm keeping. I've never been one for the 1st draft, 5th draft writing, but with this story I'm finding I need to keep moving forward and not revise until I like it. So I'm writing forward, jotting down what I want to fix later, making notes to add in this about Marcus (my manly ghost) or Sydney (my lovely heroine who frees my ghost) or what to take out in terms of secondary characters. I don't want them overrunning the story, and I realized just before I left that they are.

I hear the north east got more snow. Anyone up there still talking to me. :)

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