Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Progress

However, I did have off last Friday because I worked Saturday. And then, because I do have a reputation at work for being an emergency closing magnet, we closed on Saturday when a state of emergency was declared before a flake of snow even fell. SWEET! Two days in a row to write, write, write.

It was lovely.
But then my laptop died Monday night. *panic* Immediately called IT guy from work/friend who is STILL working on it and thinks it may be on its last, er, lap. Breathing through the panic. But all day yesterday another snow day and I managed to keep the laptop running and enjoy my wood stove!

I got so much done. Another 8,000+ words on my current WIP, plus some marketing strategizing, which is always fun. (Though I'm no James Patterson I think I came up with some ideas, including a new banner for my website and some bookmark ideas.) And 4500 words for a short story I plan on posting for free on my website. I'll let you know when it goes up--it's not finished yet.

What did you do this last week? How are your goals progressing?

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