Monday, February 15, 2010

Excerpt Monday: In the Shadows

I realized, as I wrapped up Northern Roses and Southern Bells reviews, I didn't do anything for my story. No, still no review--that really is beyond needed. But a short excerpt. Also, in the annual Predators and Editors awards, we placed in the Top Ten--#6!!

I loved writing this story, most especially working with my fellow Victorians. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the time period immensely! Hopefully one day I'll get back to the era. I have plans for Marion's sisters. *G*

In the Shadows Charleston, South Carolina, 1861

“Jack,” she murmured.

She warmed at the thought. Ned Calhoun looked at her as he would a meal. Jack looked at her as if she was life.

He’d be in the garden. Time slipped by while she stood trapped in the conversational circle. Taking only a moment to breathe the scented fall air, she hurried out of the crowded rooms and into the darkness of the gardens.

Jack slipped out of the shadows.

Yelping, she scowled at the runner.

“You take entirely too much pleasure in emerging from the shadows, Jack Harrison.” Marion placed her hand over her heart and glared at him.

“Only with you,” he offered. Taking her hand, he kissed the back of her glove. His touch tingled from her hand to her head, making her dizzy. “It’s the look in those big brown eyes when you realize who is surprising you.”

“You think quite highly of yourself don’t you, Mr. Harrison.” Marion lowered her eyelids and stared at his large, calloused hands, one still clasping hers.

“I have to. There’s this woman.” His English accent deepened somehow as he tilted her chin so she looked at him. “I want her. Her beauty would cause Byron to weep. So you see, I must think highly of myself so I may be worthy of her.”

Marion took Jack’s hand with the tips of her fingers. She ran them over the rough skin between his thumb and forefinger then turned his hand and traced his calluses. Simple and yet very provocative, the gesture felt intensely intimate and natural.

“I wondered if you’d forget about me,” she stated in a low whisper.

4.5 Books from Long and Short Reviews:
Excerpt:The plot and the scenery were great. I felt like I was in the story, which seems to be common with this anthology. Isabel Roman did a great job.

4.25 Hearts from Night Owl Romance:
Excerpt: Knowing you or your lover may not live to see the next day tends to throw decorum out the window. These were all entertaining, informative stories that I enjoyed reading.

4.5 Lips from Two Lips Review:
Excerpt: I liked Jack immediately for his ability to protect and pursue Marion without compromising her enthusiasm. I found Ms. Roman’s tale a fantastically enjoyable story.

From Reviews from Innisfree:
Excerpt: This well-written story was hot enough in spots, and it's more sexy not to reveal everything and allow the reader's imagination to take over.

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