Monday, June 20, 2011

When do you give up?

I don't mean giving up writing, I mean when do you give up on a story?

I have 2 stories-one is a stand alone 1792 Regency and one is a 1860s paranormal historical series. I have the first plotted down to each scene. I have the series planned for the overall world as well as the first 2 books' overall arcs.

But I'm not writing them. I'm not even close to writing them. In fact, I cannibalized the Regency for parts. The paranormal is one I'd love to get to, but how far back can I push it before I lose interest? Or it doesn't work? Or a whole slew of other things?

What do you do? Do you lovingly tend to a story you know you're not getting to any time in the foreseeable future? Take it for parts? Forget it and shove it in a metaphorical drawer-folder?


Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I don't know. I thought about shelving my mermaid story, and I did for about a year, but now it's back out and getting attention. So you just never know.

The old cliche is "never give up." Maybe we need to follow that to some degree.

Isabel Roman said...

Very true, Karen! I don't want to give up on these stories, but I'm writing another now and have a couple more planned before even *thinking* about going back to these.

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