Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musings

Today I'm musing on why it's so important to keep up with social networking Which isn't to say that I do, or that I have all the secrets...or even one secret for that matter. Nope, today is all about why it's important but not necessarily how to accomplish this. important thing.
First and foremost, you must have access to social networks. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or any of the other hundreds of groups out there.

Which ones? I refuse to do Linkedin for the simple matter of yet another social network. Can't keep up as is, forget adding one more! I rarely update my facebook page and am only marginally better at Twitter. At least with that it's more a running commentary on what I'm do/watching/reading/thinking than profile update.

Then it's a matter of doing it. How often? I can just about (/movie or finally find the right words to describe it in any sort of coherent statement. Fun things are also done in advance, like last Friday's pictures. Likewise with guest authors. On an average week that still leaves 2-3 days. Updates and Progress are hard to do in advance.

So say you update your blog every day...should you post to twitter every day? I don't, rather I do go on Twitter, but don't share my blogs every day. Some days aren't anything more than Hey, this is what I'm doing. Other days are more interesting--those funny pictures from Friday or guest authors who are on my blog for the exposure (of their work, sheesh, not that way Mind-in-the-Gutter!)

Yes, even when I don't have the bestest blog out there I'm on Twitter. It's easy to update and interesting to read. There are a LOT of things on Twitter about the publishing world. OK, there are lots of things in general but most of the people I follow are in the publishing world.

Tired already? Yeah. My advice (okay so maybe I do have an answer...but only one!) My advice is to start small. Join ONE thing...Facebook, Twitter, start a blog, whatever. But then do that. Update regularly, find 'friends' with similar interests, share stuff and not just about you, you, you.

Then see what happens from there!

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