Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Excerpt

The Most Unsuitable Husband by Caroline Clemmons

Available as part of her backlist, this Texas Western is part of a series currently available on Smashwords for $3.99. Look for this week's Saturday Excerpt at Slip into Something Victorian!

Reforming a rogue is easier said than done. Sarah Kincaid wants only the simple things: a home, a family, a place in the community where she can set a good example and lead a moral life. When she learns her mother's will has made her a saloon owner, she is shocked. Even more shocking is her reaction to Nate Bartholomew. Tall, dark, and unmistakably tempting, Nate is a gambler by trade--and hardly an upright citizen.

Taking in a trio of starving orphans on the run from an unsavory man is hardly the way to conduct a romance--if not a redemption--but Nate and Sarah soon learn that the only proper thing to do under the circumstances is to let love take them where it will...and get ready for a passionate adventure.

The most unsuitable husband may just be the perfect man at heart.

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