Friday, May 13, 2011


Last week (or possibly early this week I forget) I was on Twitter (not so shocking) and saw a post on what a editor looks for in a synopsis. I usually click on these, just to see if there's anything I don't already know about the whole tedious process.

In fact, I made a t-shirt that says it all.

But here are three sites that offer good advice on how to get through it without A. Drinking (or drinking too much; drinking is perfectly acceptable) B. Developing a headache the size of Alaska, or C. Chucking the whole thing and ignoring that rather important part of the submission process.

Up first is from Arch Editing only because it's how I got the other 2 sites.

Writing an Synopsis? The Information you Need Before you Begin.
Then we haveNathan Bransford's How to Write a Synopsis
And Marg Gilks's How to Write a Synopsis

And if you really need soe additional help, try Vivian Beck's 5 Steps To Writing A Synopsis

All things being equal, reading this would automatically help in writing the synopsis to the absolutete best of your ability and it would be a perfect and polished masterpiece.

I'll stop laughing now.

But it'll help get those specific points in and help them come across in a better way to catch that certain some one's eye.

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