Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Revews: Murdoch Mysteries

Just finished season 2. I applaud the way they've developed the plots, branching out so that there's more character development on all fronts but still keeping the focus on William Murdoch as our hero. I think the later half of the season was a little jumpy and not as strong or interesting as the first half. Plus the weak and contrived addition of a new love interest for our intrepid hero, but over all I think they did a decent job leading into it. It added a little something, even if the love interest was utterly uninteresting and frankly I didn't see the so-called 'instant connection' that they seemed to push on the viewer.

Still, some of the dialog is very limited. It's almost as if they'd rather go the who show without a spoken word.

And I continue to like the secondary characters more than I do William. They're more willing to grow and see things outside the normal world. Chief Inspector Brackenreid and Constable Crabtree are a hoot and as nosy as a pair of old ladies, however they're so underused it makes William's plodding through highbrow lectures even more boring.

I can only hope that season 3 picks up more weight. I understand it's hard to continue a series from a strong and critically acclaimed start but let's not fall into cliches.

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