Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher and author

In support of Judy Buranich/Judy Mays. Read the original article and be angered...then watch the YouTube  a former student of hers made an outstanding video in support of her. Watch it, it's well worth it.

Do I want a English teacher who knows what she's doing? Sounds better than some of those I had in high school and college. No wonder people joke about English majors, a couple of my teachers were prime examples of what not to do.

But that's not why parents are harassing this woman. Not because she doesn't teach what she's supposed to or that her kids are failing class, or even that they're so far below average levels that they'll never pass a standardized test with 3/4 of the answers supplied to them.

No, people are harassing her because she also write erotic novels. Now there's a reason to get up in arms. It's OK if my kid fails, but not if his teacher writes romance? Ooh, and sexy romance. Even more shocking! It's not like she's using her own stories as material in class.

This is a quote and I have to wonder what difference does it make? You can only have one profession? You can never ever do anything esle but teach? Please. Give me a break.
Parent Deanna Stepp said the evidence is clear. "She is teaching children that are under the age of 18 and definitely the books that she is writing are adult books. I think she needs to make a decision as to what she wants to do. Either be a school teacher or author," Stepp said.

Great message to send.

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