Friday, February 11, 2011

Traditional Regency

How traditional is too traditional? I'm plotting out a Regency romance, not paranormal, not erotica, not even a romantic suspense. I know what I like to read, and while my high school years saw me reading many a traditional Regency book, I'm into darker, more sexual stories now.

But I want to keep an aspect of the books I loved growing up in this story. So I'm making a list of what aspects I want in this story.

  • Heavy internal characterization. I want to know what both the hero and heroine are thinking and feeling.
  • Parties, balls, soirees, dances, the ton
  • Match-making mommas :)
  • Scheming heroines who need to marry for security
  • Heroes who need to marry to secure their title and produce an heir
  • The inevitable falling in love

Hmm, I guess there's nothing that's more traditional than not, is there. Only elements that mix to make a good story.

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