Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Excerpt

This week's Saturday excerpt is by Caroline Clemmons as she talks her Civil War story, Long Way Home. Nominated for the EPPI awards, the anthology Northern Roses and Southern Belles covers a different locale and time during the war.

In a country torn asunder--from the Canadian border to Texas, from Maryland to Arkansas, from the battlefield of Antietam to the Red River Campaign--brave men and loyal women see their lives turned upside down.
Peril lurks behind every tree and near every homestead, but the hard-fought love of a man and a woman surpasses all.

Six talented writers provide stories of romance and danger centering on Union and Confederate soldiers, spies, blockade runners, renegades, and battlefield nurses during a period of corsets, hoopskirts, and gentlemen callers.

In e-book and paperback! (Also available from Amazon and B&N)

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