Monday, February 21, 2011

Curiosities and reviews

Without fail, my post on Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife is the most popular thing on this blog. Over 400 views since March 31, 2010.

Is it because of the material-Jane Austen? Is it because I was less than polite in my review?
  • Yes I could have sugar coated it, and as I already admitted, I adored it the first time I read the book. Could have been because I was enamored with the first P&P variation I'd read, I don't know but the back story info dump was too much.
Because I changed my review between the two readings?
  • My original review stands on Amazon and I won't change it. There are over 500 reviews posted there now with a average of 3 stars. (Polarized almost evenly between 5 stars ad 1 star, with a smattering in the middle) All in all, I suppose my second review falls more in line with the majority, though I've never really cared about that.
Does anyone like the review? Hate it? Agree or disagree with it? Even read it or are they directed to my blog from elsewhere because of the topic and don't bother?

I'm so curious, I wish someone would tell me!!

And this Friday, my guest will be Wendi Zwaduk who's talking about how to act naturally and her new release, Careless Whisper.

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