Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Excerpt

Today's Scandalous Vic's excerpt is by Nicole McCaffrey. While this particular excerpt is't Victorian, it IS on audio! Always a thrill to hear that your book was chosen for a pilot program converting them into audio. Pretty cool, Nic!

The Model Man

Single mom and romance novelist Kelly Michaels has no time for a man in her life. But when mega-famous cover model Derek Calavicci puts the moves on her at a romance writers’ conference, she succumbs to temptation. Common sense prevails, however, and after a few passionate kisses she turns him down; she has impressionable teenagers at home, after all, she doesn’t need a one-night-stand with a much younger man, no matter how hot he is. When photos of their passionate moonlight kiss hit the tabloids, her agent has to do some fast footwork to save her reputation. Will the notorious bad boy go along with her scheme?

Derek rarely hears a woman say “no” – it’s been that way his entire life. If Kelly isn’t interested, he’s not going to push her-- even if she does melt like ice cream on a hot sidewalk every time he touches her. But when an unexpected opportunity falls into his lap by way of Kelly’s scheming agent, he jumps at the chance. Pretend he’s in love with Kelly Michaels for two weeks? No problem. After all, the lady may say she’s never going to sleep with him... but he's got two weeks to convince her otherwise.

The Romance Studio gave it 4 Hearts and said: I was entertained by every aspect of this story; the chemistry between this couple is hot. Their growing relationship kept me spellbound and I'm a sucker for a well-written older woman/younger man romance. The settings were perfect, the plot flowed so well that I didn't put the book down until the last page and was, in fact, sad when it was over.

Joyfully Reviewed said: In The Model Man all of the main characters are forced to grow, leaving you sad when the book is over because you like them so much. While Derek is a model he is never made to look too conceited. He has a great personality and is more then just eye candy. I found myself routing for Derek to win Kelly over. Kelly is a normal author, mom, and woman and has realistic issues. Her kids act their ages and cause a realistic amount of tension. Characters relate to each other naturally and never does it feel forced.

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